Affiliate websites what are they, well there a partnership between you and the partners product that your selling on your website its as simple as.

What happens is the topic you,ve choosing to write about has to match any products you want to sell on your site don,t sell any other product on your site that,s not related to your sites content it doesn,t work please trust me on this one (you know the old saying been there got the shirt).

Ok an example if your topic was about web building you would link up with a company that sell products or e-books on web building in return your visitor on your site would recognize the products.

Then while reading your content they may want to purchase a product at your affiliates site so you would first sign up with this company and direct a link exchange to your site placing their ad there.

So when a visitor buys a product on your site you get paid a commission for the item was bought through your site which had that link attached so your partner knows this sale came from your site and fantastic you,ve made some money.

I will say this don,t trick your visitor with garbage give them something for their money worth while you wouldn,t like it if you came looking for something and bought a dud, that said do your research on stuff you want to place on your site.

Purchase it yourself and give it a go so you yourself have sampled the item, cds, e-business book or whatever then your really in the driving seat for you know all about it.

If your worried about buying and have a low budget getting your money back again will be a breeze when you have the proper website set up for this type of e-business. Becoming-An-Affiliate.

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