Becoming An Affiliate,
Get The Most Out Of Website Marketing By Finding The Proper Partners to link to your website...

Becoming An Affiliate:

Affiliate networks
are the middlemen.

They work between
merchants and affiliates.

Merchants list the
details of their affiliate programs with them...

The affiliate network
company then takes care
of any sales plus-tracking.

e.g. Checking:
Your statistics/issue of commission cheques to you the affiliate and so on...

Recommended Affiliate Networks:

Commission Junction

Google Affiliate Network

Merchant Websites:

Scanning their affiliate programs.
Look these site for hints like, make money/Affiliates/Partners/ Associates.

Keep a keen eye you'll usually find them
in the smaller writing at the top or bottom of the page.

Affiliate Program Directories:

A handy place.
They are Web sites that contain lists of links to affiliate programs.

They categorize the listed programs e.g. Health, education, Games...

are best to find merchants that have their programs
which are not associated with the bigger affiliate networks.

Recommended Affiliate Program Directories

5 Star Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Helper

Affiliate Match



Best Commissions

Click Affiliate

Links Codes:

Choose your preferred affiliate/s.
Then go to their instructions where you can get
their embeded links to match up to your website.

You can set up to a few different
link partners products on the same page.
This won't interfere with any other link partner.

This is because they all have their own separate link codes.

My advice to you don't plaster affiliate links
over the one page about two or three is plenty.

Also! You want your content to hit home first
Google, Yahoo and the rest just want to see your content deliver.

Give the reader their answer first.
Then blend your affiliate links into their appropriate places...

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