Putting Your Website In The Directory Listings .

Getting your website off to a good start:

Directory Listings are a must to get your site up and running, they give you that all important start to get your site off and running, get yourself into at least one major directory DMOZ and YAHOO are the two top major directories.

Dmoz is free although i wouldn't hold my breath to long they are slow at reviewing your site. Yahoo does charge $299.oo but they will look at your site within seven days, this however is for a review of your site and doesn't mean inclusion and yahoo can still decline your site at this stage, also their policy is clear on a no return fee even if your not included.

Second teir directories are another great source some are free inclusion and some you have to pay, but? for second teir directories, they are much cheaper usually in he regions of around $30 to $40 dollors these directories are much quicker and your site gets looked at within a couple of days.

A couple of good sites to look at and i myself personally use are Joeant and Go-guides.org.

First and second teir directories get you that all important ball rolling, it's a must for the search engines to notice this type of activity going on between your site and the directories. So! Get yourself some in-pointing links before you start to monetize.

Out-going links are also what search engines look for, they link out of your site to other website of value and i do say of value. Do good research on the websites you link to for if you start linking to any old sites of poor quality, google soon catches on and it will hurt your site credibility i would suggest around three or so out-going links is enough.

Remember it's your site you want to be an authority.
To many links on the one page and you'll lose your visitor, write enough good content to keep your visitor returning. Also open your out-going links in a new window so that you won't lose your visitor for ever, but if your linking within your site to another page there's no need to do this.

When you get the time keep a good lookout for some credible websites to links too. Try dropping them an e-mail inviting them to have a look at your site and if they would be interested in exchanging links.

This does take a lot of time and effort though, and some people don't think it's worth the effort and put more faith into directory listings, i reckon if you have a bit of time on your hands every little helps. If you don't have much time build more and more content this is what will eventually get found although the more links you have the quicker you move up the ladder, so to speak.

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