"Safegaurd Your Url By Domain Locking"

Having Peace Of Mind:

Domain locking,
usually free of course.

If not,
try a registrar that does.

A good reason?
So that no other person
can transfer it from you...

It does happen,
third parties could rob it
and redirect it from you.

"So! Keep it safeguarded".

Checking Your Server:

You may already own a domain.
My advice is go to your server and check this out.
If however your just getting started you can follow this to.

Your name server is where all of your information is stored.
.I.E. Your content is stored their so they can publish it to the surfer,
whenever they come looking for that well written content you've wrote.

Go to to your control panel and look for advanced DNS
This is where you can make any changes to suit your needs...

A quick overview:

DNS stands for domain name servers.
Human-readable names are what you remember best.

.Ex. "Good-advice.com."
Put this into the internet machines.

They don't recognize it Why?
Ok: Machines use names called IP addresses.

Example, Machines that us humans refer to.
Take "Good-advice.com" its IP address would look something like this.

Human version= Good-advice.com/.Machines version= 72.49.547.43.

So whenever you type in a domain name in letters.
DNS systems change the human version into the machines IP address.

Machine can't work in letters they work through numbers.

If you want to learn more on this, a good source to check out is www.howstuffworks.com/dns.htm

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