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My domain reseller
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With these guys your web-page is created for you.

This is only one site.
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Signing up is easy...

Mostly all registrars
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GoDaddy.com / and / Namecheap.com

Are two of my other favorites out their...

Icann is where the Partnering takes place.
Responsible for a number of tasks, domain registrars link with Icann.

This transaction now leaves you the person in between. The middle man.

ICANN stands for:
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

I,ve seen lots of people making money this way.
Plenty of money making ideas out there to grab hold of.

Keep your focus on what matters though.
Have plenty of solid content wrote for your visitors.

This money earner might only give a little earning reward.

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Grab all them little money earners as well as the BIG ones.

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