"Start Your Journey To Earn Extra Money"

Everyone likes the chance to earn extra money:

Google Adsense. And Affiliate Marketing.

These are two
great ways to earn
extra income online.

Google adsense
is a must for
any of your websites.

How adsense works:

Website owner's
who want to advertise.


They first pay google a fee of money.
Then google sings them up for whats called adwords.
Then the adword ads would be offered to you for a percentage.

You would display these ads
on your own website this then is called adsense.

So you see how it works your helping google promote ads.

Google matches up ads that fit the theme of your site of course.

Google then hands them down to you as an (adsense program) for you to promote on your site which would earn you revenue each time someone viewed the ads placed on your site.Learn more on google adsense.

So as it goes the buyer of the adwords in the first place,
then google then you are all in a win win situation.
Your helping promote googles ads to all of you visitors.

When you check their site out give the terms and conditions a good read for they do have a strict policy, but nothing to become worried about if you follow their rules. Google Adsense.


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