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web hosting:

It stands for
Electronic commerce.

It's basically for
the buying and selling
of products electronically
over the world wide web.

This kind of trading
has escalated over the
years with the coming
about of the internet.

Nearly any kind of
business nowadays have
a computer that does a lot of the hard work for you...

Business ranges from e-mails, wire transfers, internet marketing,
affiliate marketing and the list goes on. For the most part though.

You will probably use it for making your income online.

Generating income:

This is not difficult i use it to generate income from my sites.
That's right mostly from affiliate marketing, how this system works?

Take the likes of clickbank for an example,
all the products there are e-books that people write.

They would take them to the likes of clickbank.

You then simply go there look at what matches up on your site.
Take then and promote that product on your own website,
and clickbank would pay you a commission, prices do range...

Check out clickbank for yourself.

Important note:

What i would say is if you think the product is worth while.
and would help your visitors along buy it yourself and give it the go over.

You wouldn't want to be selling a product on your site
that wasn't up to much would you. This only hurts your sites credibility.

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