Free blog or website, these two are quite similar the way there set up but they are slightly different in the amount of time you spend on them.

With blogging the difference is you have to keep an update to your site regularly for when you get people searching on your blog lets say you get ten or so people their at least four or five of these visitors will want to come back to your site for more updated information every day or every other day.

Some visitors are really into their reading and if their a true blogger can read all your earlier posts in a short time, meaning they,ll be coming back for more and more info.

So if you don't keep a regular update on your blog yip you,ll loose them if you want a look at blogging you can use googles its easy to set up with their step by step guidence.

I know i mentioned earlier about the difficulties of choosing free websites or buying your website but that doesn,t apply to its free with google nothing to worry about check out

Back to websites this way of building your content is different your not to a time scale so you don't have to deliver it every other day so for the majority of folk it dosen't put you under as much pressure you can update or post new pages when you like.

So when you get enough information on the subject you've written about its there for good any type of visitor can come along and view it when they want.

Another get option is you can put a blog to your site this adds great value to your visitor especially your existing ones who like coming to your site for another look around, if you have a blog set up their your visitors would be sure to look at the updated content.

But i would useally steer towards the website building first to give yourself more experience of site building first, blogging is fine yes and has basically similar feature set ups to websites but with blogs you have to keep updating regularly and that takes time.

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