"Your Kidding! Google Adsense Earns Teenager Thousands Of Dollars A Month?."

"Its fact".
Google Adsense.
Do You own it yet?

"BOY! this one
you don't wanna miss."

I love it.
Google Adsense it's free!

Its a fantastic way
to earn yourself a living.

About Googles Adsense program.

Adsense is a program
which places ads on your website/s to promote other advertisers products.

Advertisers pay google to promote their adds.
In return google offers them to you so it reaches out to a wider audience.


This is the name given to the advertisers ads...

E.g. An advertiser comes to google looking to place an add.
They charges the advertiser say $3.00 this is how google makes money.

Google now has to deliver so in return they offer it to you.
You promote it on your site to help spread it as far and wide as possible.

Another example if you place the $3.00 ad on your site.
Google might pay you $0.10 cent for every click made on the ad provided.

If the visitor is interested in a product?

Your visitor may want to buy what he likes.
This leaves the advertiser who initially bought the adwords happy.

He could now turn a sale, which could be as much as $100 a item.

All prices will vary depending on the relevancy of the keywords...

Google rejecting your site...

First like any other business it involves trust.
Google has to know your site is good, your trying to become a member.

They can't run the risk of losing their advertisers.
Placing their ads on a grubby old site can damage their reputation.

So do understand the google adsense policy.
Your site can't be seen to be miss representing the team, Adsense Tips.

That being said other factors may be causing your sites rejection.
It may have nothing to do with poor quality so i'll give you a few pointers.


Have Your Site Based On A Theme.

Have your site based on a certain topic.
Avoid writing a page on fishing then switching to say music.

Stick to the same theme/niche/topic.
Google can match up its ads properly this way.

...E.g. if your websites about music
Keep this same topic throughout your website on music alone.

If you have knowledge on more than one topic.
Start yourself a new website and choose a different URL...


Avoid Copying Other Peoples Writing.

Keep it in your own language.
Google will take a dim view to this type of activity.
Keep your own style: When Google finds cheats they will penalize.


Have Enough Content Written.

Have at least 20 to 25 pages of content written up before you apply.


Clean And Tidy.

Make sure you have a neat and easy to manoeuvre website.
keep it simple but effective enough for your reader to be welcome.
Avoid a pile of banners and flash imagery they just clog up your website.


Don't Sweat It.

Relax! your not the first to be rejected by the adsense team.
Revise, study then change what needs to be done then re-submit.

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