"Link Farms Staying Clear Of A Linking Circle".

Watch out for these BOY-OZZZZ:

Link farms are a [no no] in googles eyes, although they still exist out there google will come across them some day and if your website/s are linked to this type of activity, it's going to hurt your sites credibility.

Yes this type of linking will damage your website a whole lot, even to the point where google could demote you altogether. So? avoid them like the plague.

Most important things i would look out for are a large group of sites that link up to each other in a round about manor, direct reciprocal linking occurring to often at to many sites your at is a give away.

Example if you land on a page where it says (link to us and we'll link to you).Other signs to watch out for are words like, swap links, reciprocal link, link exchange, pages that just don't look like they've any effort at all put into them.

That is to say! Poor quality, look like a regular site, their links are not integrated into the content they've written. More to watch out for are links that take you to different topics.

.I.E. if you were looking for a listing in web design and you suddenly were taken to a topic on gambling or something entirely different. Also the sheer volume of links and the size of the page.

If you were to go to DMOZ this is a reputable site you only have to take a look at their layout and how its neat and tidy fitting in all their listings comfortably.

The way it works is you chose a category that suits what your website is all about, it then takes you further into their site staying with the same topic/theme, not taken you off to somewhere entirely out of theme with what you're writing about.

Link farms should link from page to page within a site not an endless set of links that has an ever ending stream of links to other websites, so be extra vigilant when searching for link exchanging to other sites.

That said you will need to look out for good quality links to get your website off the ground, it's that must thing you just have to do to get noticed without a few good in-pointing links to your website you'll struggle to get noticed.

I've mentioned a few here in Directory listings which i personally use myself. Give the Get rich quick scams a read over too, it helps to know who's conning who.

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