"Make Your Homepage Count Add The Look And Feel

Having Value:

Make your homepage,
simple, clear and concise.

look at Google itself.....

Then look at,
the other top sites...

Yahoo, AOL, MSN,
they know that keeping,
it simple works and works?

---------To a (T)---------.


Keep away from plastering to much junk on you're website.

It only leaves it far more difficult for your reader to concentrate.

Have your websites page background either simply white or?
Something similar like light grey, peach, yellow nothing to bright.

Studies show using clear backgrounds,
and black text gets the message across just right.

Keep your heading on top in bold writing.
Web page navigation works best on the left just seems to catch,
the readers eye better as they tend to read from their left to the right...

Writing Content:

When writing content,
go for a few paragraphs then give a line break.

I prefer three to four lines then i would use a split.
When changing to new ideas start with a different sentence and paragraph.

It's also best not to use to much bold or italic text to often.

Writing content this factor alone is key to your success.
Getting this one just right will be the key to your winning or losing.

Yip! you've read it correct writing your content.
This is what it all boils down to in the end keep it neat...

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