"Have You Considered Your Page Rank".

Scoring a fantastic page rank.
The more credible your website the higher up you go.

Climbing up the ladder:

Google, yahoo, msn,
and so on is your objective.

The further up you
rank with the big hitters
the more you will benefit.

How it works:

Big team players spider
through your site and bring
back a ranking score.

So! the more valuable
your content is the higher
the ranking you'll receive...

This moves you up the pages lets take google for instance.
If someone goes and does a search for a subject they want.
Google has already been to these sites and spidered them meaning?

It brings back all of them.
Now there could be hundreds of them to go through.

Aim for the top twenty:

The only ones though that your interested in are in the top twenty.

When people come to googles first landing page,
they usually tend to never go past the first two pages.
So it's important to have that content written well to get to a good spot.

Your goal here,
is to rank in the number one spot.
Or at least on the first landing page.

Sometimes it's not possibly to get to that number one spot
for ever keyword. That's ok! with enough keyword focused content
pages your website will eventually get found with the major search engines.

Google depend highly on in-bound links for this type of activity.
You must get good in-pointing links back to your site to start the ball rolling.

There are a lot more measuring scales all search engines
looks for. But? for a start off point you have to go to your,
directories, articles, widgets and so on to get the ball rolling.

This is where your page rank starts.
Search engines see this activity and when the ball starts to roll.
Your visitors then find you and boost your website along even more.

Yip then they start talking in forums so this starts
it to spread even more and so your website keeps growing and growing.

If your looking for in-pointing links,
before you do have a read at link farms.
Find out why to be careful when choosing your in-pointing links.

I myself suggest it as a must read to clearly understand the whole process.

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