" Take Full Advantage Of.
.... Parking A Domain.... "

Grab Your Opportunity:

Some advantages?

When Parking a domain
purchase yourself a few.

Then only assign the one
you need for-your-website.

Why purchase more:

This keeps your
competition away.

Purchasing these can have a number of good reasons. A good source is GoDaddy.com

Holding onto a few domains:

Hold a few till you find the best one that suits your niche.

Reason being they don,t sit around for long.
People are coming to the net every day to grab their domain names...

Other reasons:
Hold on to your names that you think have value.
After letting them sit a while, sell them at a later date for a profit.

So as it goes:
When you bye from places like GoDaddy.com or Namecheap.com.

These websites will reserve your name for you,
without putting a website up with no additional charges attached.

Good Sources:

GoDaddy.com and Namecheap.com
These sites offer a great value for parking a domain or purchasing.
They range from around $6 or $7 up to about $10 for your domain.

This is incredible value for money:
So! you see why choosing a few domain,s
at not a huge price could benefit you in the long run.

Redirecting Your URL:

When you get your successful website up and running.
Take advantage by obtaining a url which is similar to your url.
You would then use it to redirect traffic to your main website/s.

For instance my address which is www.website-builder-help.com

Domain similar like www.website-builder-help.org
And another could be www.website-builder-advice.net.
These are all similar to the first so what would you do with them?

Yip you'd park them and re-direct from these to your original site...

Taking domains to another server:

This is possible if you have a domain parked with someone else.

Check to make sure you can transfer to another host.
Be sure and read the small print carefully. Also make very sure???
Before you move elsewhere they don't own the rights to your domain.

[You the purchaser].
You should have full control over what goes on with your name.
If you so desire to be transferred. Check out their policies before hand.

Another good resource that may be of interest is

www.domainhelp.com it offers various tips on domains.

Check out domain reseller.

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