"Keep Up To Date
Get Signed Up With An RSS

They're a fantastic way to connect.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

An rss reader:

Today it's
the way to go.

You've probably seen them
on websites you've visited.

Some folk just ignore
them because they don't
really know what they're for.

When you do get to
know what they're for.

I bet you'll use
them all the time...

There are many different types you can choose from.

Some are offered free, and some you pay for.

Some Free Opitions:

  • Google reader
  • If you want a sneak preview,
    google offers a quick video of how their rss works.
  • My Yahoo
  • My msn

  • You've also got your.
  • Windows -- RssReader.
  • and Mac -- NetNewsWire.

  • Once you get started with this tool,
    it's like having your favorite parts of the internet/websites come to you.

    There's no need to go out and check for updates, let your rss
    do the work for you by bringing your favorite updates back to you.

    So they'll be no more need for bookmarks,
    By the way i don't put a lot of faith into bookmarks anyway.

    I know people still use them. But?
    Can you really tell me the last time you b,marked a page.
    All them b'marks just seem to get lost among a lot of the others.

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