"Keep Up With Search Engine Spiders And Win Big."

Mastering the secrets of search engine spiders:

They Work?

These searches
include crawling the
Web to index your pages.

These pages are then
stored in their database.

This is where
they use algorithms to
determine page rankings.

Where your
website should
sit on the internet.

Web search engines.

Search spiders act as robots.
They read your pages differently to the way you do.
.I.E. they work on a numbers game called algorithms...

The letters that you type in on your keyboard,
go through to the search engines as numbers.

All the text you see on your monitor was first,
numbers, then it's transferred over to letters so you can read it.

This is why search engines work on
algorithms first, for they can't read letters typed in.

That's why it's so important to know
a little,about it so you know exactly where
to leave enough hooks for the engines to find.

They play a particular role in this search function
and gives a deeper understanding why they are so
important to getting your website found in the first place.

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