"The Art Of A Proper
Site Layout"

Judge It Well:

Site layout structure.

It's vital for the search, engines to navigate around.

You want your sites,
layout to flow with what search engines look for...

Teir structuring:

Teir structuring starts
with your homepage first.

Teir two's and teir three's.
come after your homepage.

Designing your homepage is the first move.
Have yourself a clear and easy to read website
Pick yourself a nice theme and colour that fits your topic.

So! when your homepage is ready.
It's time to start with your teir two's...

These pages usually sit on the left navigation side bar.
They represent what your site's main topic will talk about.

They are your most important keywords and when found,
will be able to bring you back the most profit if chosen correctly.

I mentioned earlier in choosing a topic about google's
free keyword tool this tool is excellent for finding the best keywords.

.I.E. the most cpc/ cost per click you get for that keyword.
When your on the site it give's you an option on the top by clicking
the cpc bottom to see what potential you could receive on that keyword.

Google adwords: Keywords Tool

Teir two's are usually harder to rank for at first but?
When your site does get found and you start getting more visitors
they become your best earning potential for they have the more cpc.

Moving on till teir three's.
Well they make up the bulk of your site teir three's are
reached by your visitors through linking within your site from teir two's.

Teir three's will probably be the first to be found.
They don't hold as much importance as teir two's.

Now! i'm not trying to say there not important they are
but i would put more importance into finding your teir two's with value.

Other Tips:

In site layout i find it best to keep about
fifteen to twenty buttons on the left works best.

When your visitor clicks on the teir two's
it give's them a page on that keyword they've clicked.
After that you would place your teir three's on that page.

I suggest put no more than one or two on any page
which link to a teir three, then when on a teir three page follow your
links deeper into your site by placing the links on that page and so on...

Important try and keep your teir three links related to the teir two page.

Example say your teir two nav bar was about website traffic.
You'd want your teir three pages linking off that page with the
same topic in mind related to that of the teir two.Have a closer look.

Say your next page would be about traffic stats.
Then say the next page was about boosting your traffic.

These pages would be written about separately and linked
to each other for they are all related to the same first keyword.

That said try not to link pages in your site layout
that turn in a different direction although still related to your sites theme.

Example if you wanted to write about (domain names)
you would keep this separate from writing about(website traffic).

I would create another nav button on domain names...

Then link all related material say domain choosing, domain reseller,
domain parking and so on to keep it simple search engines really will
appreciate this type of layout and reward you on it ...(BIG TIME)...

Another point though if a couple or so pages throughout
your site layout have relevance to what your writing about
and would further enhance your readers its okay to link to them.

Bringing them to a different page does enhance them going across
your site but i would use (sparsely), remember try to keep teir's related through each other the way i mentioned above. This is the hidden secert.

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