"Choosing Your Topic, Making It Matter.
Submit Your Story"

Topic Matters

Get this right?
This choice Stays with you.

Everyone has
knowledge to write about.

When you choose?
Scale your niche down.

Example you know ways
to help people with money .

money in itself?

W-a-y to broad to cover? To many people out there writing about it.

Scale it down a little lets say money solutions,
investing your earnings, easy money or fixing some money issues.

Don,t go to narrow neither.
Demand may go to low for the subject you choose.

Google adwords: Keywords Tool
This tool will prove invaluable and it's free compliments of google.

Bookmark it! then you'll have it when you need to go grab it.

When you get their, type in a word.
Wait for the keywords tool to bring you back the demand for that word.

Make sure to go to the drop down box on the right.
Type in "exact" this brings you back the true value for the keyword.

I would go for a word around 40,000 to 50,000 thousand.

Remember anything above is getting to broad, this means?.
There's a lot of searches on that subject so keep demand in mind.

What If the demand does go to high?

Try to pick one from the-list-related to the Keyword you typed in.
.I.E. A keyword with a lower number but keeps the same direction...

Stay away from words with high supply.
High supply numbers have to many people writing about them.

When you find one to write about this is called your niche.

So! what does this mean?
Well: when you write enough related keywords.
These keywords fit around your chosen topic so you'll own that niche...

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