"Get Free Traffic Building Started With Proper Advertising Stratagies."

Finding that all
important free traffic:

Getting your traffic
building just right does
take a bit of work.....

However don't be put off!

Every website out
there has to go
through the same process.

Generating traffic could
take as long as 1 year
to get that steady stream.

I know! But? It will pay off.


So! you want to target your audience.
The internets been around for about 10 to 12 years now.
At the start it was a whole lot easier getting noticed and ranked.

Today however it's changed.
Traffic building you'll have to work a little at it.

Back then Spammers would load up
their pages with lots of ways to trick the engines.

So search engines had to change.
They're looking today for way to determine where to rank you.

Off-page-criteria is a big thing now,
they look to see how many related sites are linking back to your site.

That means they can tell well established
sites think well enough of your site to link to it.

"Meaning real content."
Not the thousands of spammers and the way
they use their tactics to try and mess up results.

What does it mean?
Well the more credible links linking back to your site
the better chance you have of ranking in the top 10 places.

How To Improve Your Link Popularity?
Ok first up Myspace and Facebook
won't have as much traffic expectancy as you think.

Posting in related forums now this will work to your advantage.
Find forums that's related to your website, join them.
Then begin by chatting with other members to build up your credibility.

This way of participating in forums
lets you put a link at the bottom of every
post you make taking them back to your website...


Well!Somewhere along the line,
you'll have to spend a little on advertising...
It's just one of those things you can't avoid
but? trust me it will all be worth it in the end...

Many websites offer ways for you to advertise on their sites.
Look out for sites where you think it gives your reader a further benifit.

If they offer you advertising opportunities,
and are related to your website go ahead,
spend a little this is a good way to get noticed.

Other way:

Check out blogs, they offer you ways to comment.

Again look for blogs that are related
to you website or maybe you also own a blog.
In the comments section you can place a link back to your website/blog.

Remember! getting people to link back to your site
will involve having your layout, content, links and the rest of high quality.

So! do spend the time to correctly write well
with proper wording and try to avoid typo's and such.

When your finished give it a good read yourself before you publish.

If you get this right
websites will see your efforts
and gladly send a link back to you getting your traffic building rolling.

Some more Link-Building Strategies:

1.Get into at least 1 major directory
and a couple of good second teir directories.

2. Find Good Mini-Hub Sites.

3. Increase Your Exposure with Word of Mouth Buzz!

4. Build Incoming Links with Article Distribution.

5.Submit Articles to Niche-Related Forums.

6. About.com as a Traffic Generator?

7. Social Bookmarking...

8. Add Value to Wikis and Wikipedia
Get Value In Return... Links and Traffic!

9. Build Traffic and Links with Yahoo! Answers.

10. Participate in a Good Press Release.

There are lots more ways to create
traffic building opportunities, but the
above will work for you with added results...

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