"Good Web Hosting Options Carry Their Weight In Gold"

Web Hosting Options.
They're a service provider.

They rent space to you.

So! anything you've wrote they host and broadcast it.

This content you've wrote.
Can now be viewed by all:

Web hosts operate
around the clock 24/7.

Once you sign up
your info your pictures
and videos become live...

Now i'm often asked this one: Do i go free or pay?
My advice PAY. Ok this does depend what type off work you wanna do.

But for the 80% to 90% of you.
You want to build You future around this website.
My experience is to pay for Your website you'll have more control.

Free sites:

If you want to go free.
There are plenty of free options out their.
Maybe you've stuff on there which is not of such importance.

BUT BE WARNED with free websites?
Control on whether they want to shut you down over night is their choice.

Getting up the next morning.
Turn your computer on to find out your Hosting Options have shut down.

Woops your sites gone along with all your content.
Trust me i've been thier, it's that old adage again you get what you pay for.

A favourite web host of mine is WebsitePalace.com

Really when you land on their home page.
Click on products to see the ton of options you get for your money.
If your looking for a safe bet you can't go wrong with this fantastic website.

Another point on free sites.
If you don't have full control over your's...
They can place ads and banners over it plastering it up.

This will annoy your visitor leaving things hard to get around.
I.E. to much junk on your site clouds the viewers reading properly.

SO! with a click their gone to a more clear and manageable website...

Keep your content real.
You want to give the viewer exactly what they came looking for.
That means no spam or interrupting ads and banners all over your site.

Do a little search though for the right Web Hosting Options.
There's plenty of great web hosts out their offering exceptional deals.

The few links below offer some good web hosting options to look at

Bluehost.com Hostgator.com Hostmonster.com List of hosts.uk

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