Web page backgrounds are so important to get it right no kidding if you have the wrong theme to your site your in (trouble) relax even the slightest changes to your site can improve the over all performance. I went into some detail on this in an earlier page. Make your homepage count.

The thing is it is very important to get your home page correct but it will also hold true for the rest of the content pages you design also color here is another issue a lot of people go for very dark backgrounds not a good idea honest i been there its just makes more sense to keep it simple.

Go for your lighter colors for a background and use a dark text for your writing studies have shown that when visitors arrive on a web page they tend to stay on the ones that have this kind of design.

The search engines know this they can take an analysis of every movement made by tracking how long that person clicked on the page, how long they were their if they clicked through any links and so on yes the engines are getting smarter and smarter every day. Find out more about. SEARCH ENGINES.

I say again keep everything you do on the internet easy navigation for both your human visitor and the search engines this is the key to your success.

Studies have also shown that poor backgrounds like to dark and bad placement of ads is a (no no) and what does this all mean yip you guessed it your visitor gets bored of your site and with a click their off to find something more appealing...

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