"Web Site Building, Welcome To The Proper Way To Connect Online"

Important Notice.

The web site building list...

It is ---thee--- most important piece of advice...

Seriously read the
next few lines with care...

The reason i
wrote this (to do list).

I received streams of e-mails from new comer's.

Eamon where do i start.....

How to gradually build in the correct steps...

Put these steps into action before you move on with anything else.
----------It is that important------------.

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Web site building To do list...


When Web site building study the topic your writing about.
Research it why? because at this stage you'll have to decide your domain.

If you already have a business.
Choose a name that will suit around your business.
Check out about Topic choice after you read the to-do-list...


Choose well, this name stays with you for quite a while.
Give this a good going over before you decide what to choose.

when you're ready you can check out the Domain name section.


Look about for a bit.
Get the correct host that would suit your content.
Lots of hosts out there but you'll need one that will suit you.

So don't just jump in, check out the different options?
What they offer their prices and compare them with one another Web hosting options


Proper structure when Web site building is vital
for the search engines to navigate around judge this one well.

Always keep this idea in your head you want your sites layout to?
Flow with what the search engines are looking for and that is proper layout.

You can check out website layout This is called teir structuring.
Starting with your homepage first then teir two's then teir three's.

These teirs are explained in brief below,
and will be explained in more detail throughout the site...


Very important this is what search engines look for.
They'll scan your site from top to bottom looking for these keywords.
You'll have to have these properly placed on every page you write about.

For now though this is only a list of what works in sequence.

So! I can't get all on this one page.
Saying that you'll find all these listings
throughout my site... Check out Keywords.

Design your HOMEPAGE.....

Be creative when designing your home page.
This is the first page your visitor will land upon.

Don't over do it when web site building.

keep it simple with good content.
Design yourself a footer at the bottom of the page.
You can read more on it in Design your home page.


Very important getting this right.
This is the part where your reader comes to learn.
So give them that all important wow factor within.

When you come to your web site building and writing content.
Study carefully how to attract your visitor. Tip have excellent content.

You'll find more on writing content throught this site.

For now though get yourself a page of content written up.
You want this to be a teir two page, after your homepage.

Try to have a least ten to fifteen teir two's on your nav bar.
Then all your teir three's should lead off from these teir two's.

check out Website content.


These next pages are called your TEIR2 pages.
They're very important when web site building.
They're usually set on the left hand side of your site.

These should all link back to your home page.
Search engines just seem to like it covered this way.

I've covered teir2 and teir3 pages above in website layout...


These pages go deeper into your site.
They don't need to be described on your left navigation bar.
They are gotten to by linking from a Teir2 page.

All Teir3 pages should also link back to your home page.
These pages are also used for more links to be set on these pages.

Taken your reader even deeper into your website...

Out-pointing links.....

Have about two or three out pointing links on each web page.
This is enough you want your writing to be an authority over your links.

But? you also want your readers to have a further advanced read also.

Make sure when linking out,
you have researched the sites you're linking to.
You want credible sites that won't deliver spam.

They also have to be non-related to your site.
.i.e. don't be linking to sites that would be in competition with your's.

Saying that you'll also have to
contribute something of value to the theme of your website.
Google will see these out-pointing links and it is what they are looking for.

If you go to directory listings below.
You can find out more about link programs.
.i.e. In-pointing links and Out-going links...


That is to say making money from your website.

I put this in now although it comes later.
Reason do not monetize until you have at least?
20 plus pages of content wrote on your chosen topic.

Directories just seem to frown at google ads,
affiliate marketing and other monetizing programs.

So leave this out until your listed with at least a few.
At least one major and a couple of second teir directories.
Then and only then you can consider monetizing. MONETIZING


This is what it all comes down to in the end.

Without traffic you have no business.
So from here on in you need ways to drive traffic to your website.
keep building content content and more content. This will get you found.

It's one of the most important ways of getting found.

However there are several other methods you need too implement.
These involve in-coming links, forums, writing news articles, directories.

This is only naming a few but,
you'll also need them to get the ball rolling...Website traffic


Get in-pointing links from the major and second teir directories.

Go visit these and sign up to get listed.
Its important to get yourself these first important links.
They'll give your less important keywords a helping hand to rank higher.

Directories are different from search engines and play a unique roll.
Leave this though until you have at least 25 to 30 pages of content wrote.

These are some good Directory listings to view...


Get in-pointing links to your site when web site building period.

Search engines will look for this type of activity.
On-page criteria is not enough on its own, you also need in-pointing links.

Other ways to do this are writing articles to e-zine's.
These e-zine's will be related to your websites theme.

Also post in forums and groups, social book marketing,
referrals marketing. buy up some ad space for your website.
Get your website seen in well established sites with plenty of traffic.


Yes you want to keep a repeat exposure with your visitors.
Why? so they'll keep returning to your site often and monetize.

Site blogging and e-zine's are two
great ways to strengthen the pre-selling you've already done.

Other ways are forums, social media .i.e.
video's and pictures are also a great boost when placed correctly.

Social bookmarks placed on your nav bar,
bookmarks like google, yahoo, facebook, myspace and so on are great...


Yea after all that your your ready to monetize.
That means making money from your website/s or blogs.

They're different ways to achieve this?

Affiliate marketing, google adsense,
writing e-books and selling them online.
Simply selling your own products through ebay.

Yes there are loads of different options out there.

BUT remember Web site building. Go to the to-do-list.

You must start in this order.
There are a lot more thing to learn on building your website.

HOWEVER if you don't follow these rules first and foremost you'll leave website building very difficult, this is an all important must first move to do .

When you get that all important basic's of web site building read.

You'll then be able to monetize remember?
Read all the steps first before you start to monetize.

Then and only then you'll be able to go back and fro to any page.
adding things on or taking things away whenever you need to...

Have a quick read on Monetizing for yourself, then start your website by Choosing the perfect topic. O and before i pop off happy Web site building...

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