"Reach For Web Videos To Bring Back Traffic."

Having web-videos will increase traffic to your website:

Web videos offers that extra benefit to your visitor,
some people like to get a good read through content,
others like the other option with someone guiding them along.

Great photos also enhance performance when placed properly throughout your site, though i would say slide shows don't really do it, a few on every occasional page would be enough, studies have shown they don't work as well as some others.

Saying that you can have some different flash images and so on from the likes of google on your side bars or top and bottom of your pages. This way when people come along to your pages it may or may not catch their attention and if so they may click on a google image earning you some revenue.

Do keep an eye on these ads though some will work better than others, so you might have to swap and change a little to get it just right, that said putting a great video on your site does work wonders.

Another great source is U TUBE Placing your videos with them further enhances your chances of a link back to your site, this is a another great way of generating traffic so when your visitor views your video you should finish off with telling them a little about your site and how they could further benefit from a visit.

And yes well you never know they could turn out to like your content and tell others also that's what this is all about in the end, keeping it real and generating more traffic.

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