"Making Your Own Webpages From Scratch."

Customize your own look and feel:

Making your own webpages,
and designing your own website,
is very much a great way to go if you know your html.

With your ideas and getting your tips just right,
you can design and publish your own webpage on the internet.
O course you will still need a good webhost to run with.

Go to your nav bar at the very bottom windows xp users and click start, then click and open note pad from here you can write and design your own pages.

A great resource for this kind of publishing is www.w3schools.com If your looking for how to go it on your own, or for just leaning more html for spicing up your own site this is a great site to visit.

learning html really helps to have it on board, you can use it in almost any editing software out their to boost up your site.

If you make your way over to w3schools.com you can practice on it for yourself,(who said them words i don't know where to start) only joking of course.

Don't forget to open your notepad before you arrive,
then you can practice to your hearts content.

Getting the practice in will undoubtedly give
you greater understanding when you come to building your website...

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