"Give Excellent Website Content
That Will I-m-p-r-e-s-s".

Valuable website content:
It's key to your success on the internet.

Your words are what you must sell to your reader.

You should have a flow to your words.
But? at the same time keep it short and simple.

Your visitor is on your site for one thing information.

Be clear and percise to-the-point.
That's what keeps your visitor returning .

N-e-v-e-r... try to trick your visitor.

Avoid just a load of text that goes nowhere.
Give them in your words what you have learned.

Also don't exaggerate with to much detail.
It's better to get to the point in shorter sentences.

Have a lot to write on a certain matter that's fine.
Try though to spread it across, maybe on a text link
which takes them to another page on your website...

But for the most part keep it simple.
Give the reader great information and clear reading.

Following A Sequence:

I get loads of e'mails from people asking me?
I can get plenty of info but where's my first move?
What do i pick first, whats my second and so on...

My answer! Follow the website-builder-helps instructions.
You must start with the to-do-list i guarantee you'll get noticed.

This is in sequence and should be done this way even if you,
have to go back over it again and again you'll finally see the benefits...

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