"The P-o-w-e-r Of Website Keywords".

The Google adwords: Keywords Tool.
Nice little tool to find your website keywords.

There of huge importance to search engines.

They depend heavily on their proper placement.

When placed properly throughout your site it leaves
navigation for the search engines a whole lot easier...

keywords: are the words a surfer
is looking for when they do a search on google,
yahoo, live search. and any other search engine.


Say you wanted to write about finance.

You need to have that keyword,
placed on your file name with your web host.
Then it's recognized by search engines crawling.

After that you need your page's title, keywords,
description, nav bar, headline and also in your text.

i,ll give you a quick example below here to illustrate.

TITLE: Finance.

KEYWORDS: Finance, money, money tips....with keywords three or four is enough don't over do it with keywords

DESCRIPTION: Finance give's you an up to date advice on where to invest your money also good money advice and tips.

NAV BAR: Finance tips


TEXT: Finance ten tips on where to invest your money with yearly returns bla bla bla bla


So i hope you get the drift here, ok include your keyword in all these places so as the search engines can start at the top and spider their way down to they finally come to your text and know what the page is about.

Do not over use the keyword to many times in your text a few times is enough, ok that said if you have a lot to write about do blend some more keywords into it for as the spider goes deeper in they will need to pick up on some keywords further down the same page but don't over use them.

Another point place a return link at the bottom of your pages,
linking them back to your home page this also gets you a better scoring.

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