"Leave An Impression With Good Website Layout".

Effective layout should count every time:

Give a great
Website layout:

Make it suit both
your visitors and
the search engines.

Getting the correct
look and theme plays
an important role also.

I talked
about this earlier
on Make Your Homepage.

after you read
this page check it out.

Make Your Homepage the do's and don'ts of proper layout.

The main focus here though is to establish the proper
layout and structuring after you've picked your website theme.

When starting your layout,
after you've chosen your topic, domain name and web host of course.

It's time to get your layout correct.

This starts with your home page.
this is your first page also known as your landing page.

Some folk here like to call this their teir 1 page.

After that you'll go for your teir 2 pages,
which are your navigation bars mostly positioned on the left.

Teir 2 pages then link through to your teir 3 pages
where most of the bulk of your content will be spread throughout.

Starting off:

Start off with the design of your home page.

This page is also known as your teir 1 page.
If you go back to.... (make your homepage)....
you'll find the necessary content on what will work and what doesn't.

Once you get that all important home page theme chosen.
Then you can start building your teir 2 pages and teir 3 pages

check out your Site Layout.

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