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In 2008.
Google and Yahoo announced a non-exclusive advertising agreement rule.

It provides Yahoo
access, to Google’s AdSense
advertising programs.

This is related to their U.S. and Canadian web properties.

Some things outlined were.

A non-exclusive deal that will strengthen Yahoo!.

Prices for the ads will continue to be set by competitive auction.
The deal was geared towards the consumers, publishers and advertisers.

This Means one thing for (us all) more and better ads for your website/s.

(This agreement) isn't to worry the clients.
They are not merging, they are independent and they remain competitors.

Yahoo's Policies

Check out yahoo's policy i have heard?
They are strict with how much you can do with this program.

If you own a website outside the U.S.
They'll probably e-mail you saying you can,t use the ads out side the U.S.

I don't know why they implemented this.
Maybe because google owns better rights in some deal they made.

If you can use these ads do so right away!
They will yield a hansom return throughout your site...

Every little soon amounts to profits (i use every earning tool there is).

Some oher incomes to look at Pay Per Click Advertising/Affiliate marketing.

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