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Free web graphics:

There a great way of spicing up your site,
but? i would just go for the few simpler options.

As i talked about earlier you only need?
One or two images on any one page at a time.

But getting the right theme with a few nice graphics
on a page just gives it a nice feeling to your visitor.

Again don,t go over board with this,
keep your page as simple as possible for your reader to navigate.

Read my article on homepage design
if you've missed this. Make your homepage count.

There are plenty of free graphics out there
on the internet to grab, here are a few to look at.
Free graphics-4free.com Pambytes.com Topfreegraphics.com Sometimes you,ll see flashing images.
Everybody has there own thoughts on this.

Lots of people think they,ll have a cool website
if they load up their pages with a lot of fancy stuff.

My advice don,t even go there
Studies show most of the time they don't even work.

If you see a few that would attract to your sites theme,
then go ahead but again watch out to where you'll position them.

Also try and match your sites theme.
This is to say your banners and graphics should?
Go along with the colors you already have on your site.

(Try to blend into what you already have) .i.e. the colors of your site.

Also check up on some free WYSIWYG editors...

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