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Free Website Advertising:

Once you decide to set up an online business. the next piece of information you need is where on the internet you can advertise for free. This will save you a huge amount of money,

The purpose of free advertising sites, is to spread your website/s throughout different communities over the web to gain more exposure, more hits, more customers, and more business for everyone involved.

There's lots of free advertising options available out there that will list you totally FREE OF CHARGE! Advertising does not have to cost a fortune.

Try and list with as many of the free available ones first.

Online Classified Ads:

Online classified ads are similar to classified ads you find in newspapers and magazines. These listings sorted by categories.

Posting a classified ad online will also be found with search engines like Google and Yahoo because they index most of the web pages found online.

Another point on classified ads are they'll be online for months. So people searching from different countries throughout will eventually find it.

Craigslist, and targro.com. are totally free of charge. For me i use as many free classified ads websites there is, this in return will reach out to even more visitors.

Free Directories:

Submitting to the free directories will increase your website’s exposure.The way this works? Search engines crawl through the internet and count how many links are pointing back to your website.

The more links that are pointing back to you the more important they perceive your website/s.

This is how the search engines rank your website. So the more back links you have the better, that's why it's important to get listed with directories for when the engines scan through the directories the more they find your site listed in different directories the better.

Important. Do study over directories carefully and watch out your not linking to a link-farm. My advise study them through even site by site at a time. Read more on link farms to give you a clearer understanding what i mean.

Visit Link farms!

Participate In Forums:

Online forums are a fantastic resource. Most internet users go there for information and to engage in discussions.

Forums are dedicated to online businesses or a particular product or service.

niche forums are related to the type of your website and what products and services your business provides.

The main objective here is that with niche fourms your audience is more targetedand has a more interest in your products and services. So you are more likely to convert them into buying something that interests them when they link back to your website.

Digitalpoint.com This site is a classic for free website advertising i use it more often than any, another point to make. When you upload your post it stays there, so eventually you will get found.

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