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Some Free websites:

These type of websites do offer you a way to get started online, but i just have to say it be careful if you want to take the route of a free website.

Don't get me wrong there are many that use them, but in my view there more geared towards the people who want to use them for fun, or even get some practice on creating.

specializes in web tools so they can give the website visitor the best user experience possible. Check out there huge selection of web tools below!

  • forumMessage Forums.
  • guestbookGuestbooks.
  • mailing listMailing Lists.
  • hit counterHit Counters & Stats.
  • photo albumPhoto Albums.
  • email formsEmail Forms.
  • online calendarOnline Calendars.
  • blogBlogs & Journals.
  • speaking charactersSpeaking Characters.
  • web poll.
  • They've even a simple integrated drag-and-drop content management system that make building your site a whole lot easier.

    This is another way of making a website for free. It's more though for a flash website. You can check out the video to get a view on how to use there site.

    Wix also has a simple drag-and-drop editor system. This leaves it handy for you to create without having any skills.

    It will however be a lot harder to rank with a flash website. So, you may have to put in a little extra effort into getting your website noticed.

    The Downsides:

    Choosing free websites usually means you don't get full control over it. Many times these sites can just close down on you overnight leaving you with nothing.

    So? if you had any thing off importance and it shuts down your snookered.

    Other fact to be wary of.
    Most times they'll plaster a lot of banners and flashing images on your site leaving it very annoying for your visitors to navigate around. and that only means one thing, they'll be off to find a more easily read website.

    I'll say this if your in it for the long term, my advice, pay for a good webhost where you can have full control what goes on.

    But if your just in it for some fun or even just practice, go for it...

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