"Html Codes For Beginners."

HTML codes:

O boy its them
old letters again HTML.

A lot of people
get confused here thinking.

I'll never learn that
that's to complicated.

(Well you can) seriously!

When you sit a couple
of hours and practice it on
notepad, or whatever editor
of choice you want to use...

I bet you'll see how easy
it is with some simple basics...

H T M L:

Ok first of all H T M L stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
Some simple basics you should get to know for a clearer understanding.

< > tags these type of symbols are used in every instance.
You'll use them starting off your page, every page starts with a
title this is the very top bar you'll see when you open your new window.

The next will be your heading, then you would
start your text describing what it is you want to write about.

An excellent page on this subject is:

www.w3schools.com it gives you a wealth of information
on the art of being your own editor with advice on just about anything.

If that's the route you want to take,
that's fine you can learn this as you go along
which will be of great assistance when you get versed on it.


As i said in my home page follow all the steps accordingly.
You do not need to learn any codes to get you're website started.

if you sign up to a software editor like: Dreamweaver or /

Coffeecup. they give you all the tools you'll ever need.
With the wysiwyg editor it does all the hard work for you...

Check the wysiwyg for yourself.

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