"Some Handy
Web Design Tips"

Having a few good tips can make all the difference to your site.

Web Design Tips:

A few facts to watch out for.

1). Content:

I know you've probably come across it already on other pages on my site.

The reason i'm including it again is it is a big one to get correct from the start.

Giving the reader what they came looking for is your number one priority.

Give excellent content from word go and i guarantee your visitor will stay about for awhile.

Check out the importance of website content first before you start with any other form of building.

Visit website content!


Keep everything in perspective, think about the way you'll lay out your website.

That mean your background, images, pictures, videos, ads, also find the proper manner in which to blend in text links throughout your content.

It's very important to get this right, and when you do you have a neat and tidy site it simplifies things for your reader.

3). Link back to your homepage:

Always include a link back to your homepage on every page you write about.

Sometimes a reader likes to go to a page s/he visited earlier and can't find it, so they may want to start over by going back to the start and starting off again.

Also search engines like to see a link there on every page.,

P.S. You may want to include a link back through a logo instead of a text link, if so, make sure your visitor can clearly see your text every time either home or home page beside it.

4). Multimedia:

Multimedia and graphics do look nice, but? if you want them on your website to smarten it up a bit. But don't go overboard.

Good Web design tips are a key of-
knowledge when it comes to designing you website.

Visitors don't want to be annoyed by having to wait around long for Multimedia and graphics to load.

So by the time they do it may be to long a wait and there gone to surf somewhere else.

5). Underlining words:

Don't be underlining words if they're not links.

Visitors come along and click these underlined words thinking there a link to another page only to get frustrated to find out otherwise.

When you want emphasize something, use boldface, italics, or a different colour.

If your are creating a text link the colour blue works best. Also make sure it says on your text what your linking to.

6). Testing links:

Always make sure to double check your links to see if there working, nothing as annoying as a visitor clicking and going to a 404 page, or worse landing on a page that's blank and hangs there doing nothing.

Google doesn't like it either and may take a dim view. So double check them links.

7). Your own content:

Probably the most important of the Web design tips.

Never copy any-ones content, keep it your own, give the reader what you've learned.

Search engines are catching up and are getting very smart at catching people who copy, if they do find you at it they will penalize you, even close you down.

So it's not worth it keep it real and give to the reader in your own words.

8). External links:

When your building your website up, you will have to link to other sites throughout your site for a further read.

Search engines like to see at least one or two links on every page linking out to other website.

This enhances the visitors reading. Do watch out though for Links that have disappeared when a reader clicks on them.

This will happen a time or two over a period as those website become extinct, change or move.

You can however use software to scan your site bringing back any external links that have become obsolete.

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