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Does your site have the proper website seo:

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Search engine optimization

Other wise known as (SEO) is the use of various techniques to improve a website's ranking in the search engines, thus attracting more visitors to your site.

This includes optimizing the on-page criteria, such as the use of relevant keywords! which are spread evenly throughout your site, keeping your website compliant with the proper html coding etc.

However there are different facilities on how the search engines look over your website for there's also, image search and local search to be considered.

Google's Matt Cuts talks a little on this and gives excellent advice:

Your Visitors:

Visitors to your website can read your text straight away, however it's different for the search engines.

Search engines have to use programs called search engine spiders! for they can't read your website like a human eye is fit to do. They get there information from the page source code, through mathematical algorithms.

If you'd like to see what i mean look to the top bar of your computer, then look for where it says file, edit, format, view, help. click on where it says view, it will open a little window below, scroll down to you see page source and click it.

There you go you've now got that pages formatting layout. This is what the search engines look for all this javascripting, title headline, keywords, text it's all in there.

So? basically seo is getting all your pages layout correct, and the more you get to know website layout the easier the engines will notice your content. Website keywords will give you a better understanding on layout.!

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